Tile & Grout Cleaning

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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tiles and grouts contain many germs and pollutants when left untreated or poorly maintained over time. These microorganisms may eventually damage flooring and expose residents to various health concerns. Discolored or stained tiles and grouts are unsightly and reduce the value of your spaces. Also, the porous grout and tile designs make them inaccessible to DIY cleaning solutions. Therefore, it is crucial to seek a reliable expert like Eco-Dry to ensure that your tiles and grouts remain spotless and uncontaminated. 

Eco-Dry for Flawless Tiles and Grouts

Eco-Dry offers a deep clean that regular mops and brushes do not provide. Our dedicated specialists apply odorless, eco-friendly detergents that permeate the porous surfaces of tiles and grouts to eliminate common pollutants such as mold, mildew, germs, fungus, and other harmful bacteria. Each member of the Eco-Dry team possesses a keen eye for detail, never missing a spot on your precious flooring. 

Additionally, we have the specialized tools and expertise to unclog your grout lines, freeing the gaps from harmful build-up. We apply the most advanced washing techniques that remove stubborn grime from tile surfaces, resulting in a sparkly sheen. Additionally, our team goes the extra mile, informing you of actions taken in the case of damaged or loose tiles and grouts (i.e., reapplying sealants) to act fast and decisively to prevent further deterioration. 

Contact us today to discover how you can restore the luster of your tiles and grouts safely and without delay in the most eco-friendly way. 


Tile and Grout Cleaning


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